3 years of Ditzy Media! ?

I can’t quite believe it’s been 3 years since I left the offices of East Sussex County Council to start my new life in business.

I have only effectively moved up the road from where I used to work but my life could not be more different.

I remember early doors, sitting in the sauna post gym workout on a weekday morning thinking “I guess this is my new life” – Hah! That didn’t last long.

Starting a business from scratch in a new profession is a challenge for anyone.  Getting the business to a stage where it starts to gather it’s own momentum and grow is quite something.

I have been super blessed to have had the support of so many people within the business community and in my personal life.  I truly believe this support has been invaluable and has kept me going on the days where I had lost my business mojo.

To anyone starting their business journey I say, Go for it! But get support.  There’s loads of it out there – some of it free!  Organisations like EDEAL and Business East Sussex are there to help you whatever stage of the journey you may be.

A business coach is truly essential.  Find one that suits you and understands your aims and objectives and they will truly take you to the next level and provide that 1-2-1 support that you need.

After 3 years, I leap out of bed in the mornings (Except Monday’s – I still don’t like Mondays?!) full of beans, excited to work with my team and my customers.

Thank you to everyone that’s been part of my journey so far – it’s been a blast!



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