Celebrating 9 years in business!

July 14th is my business anniversary, and I can’t quite believe I have been running my own business for 9 years!

9 years since I decided that I would work for myself, helping local small businesses and non-profits harness the benefits of social media.

Social Media then was still a relatively new thing for businesses, and I remember there being quite a bit of scepticism about whether social media would be a contender to enhance or replace more conventional forms of marketing and advertising.

Social Media is now front and centre for most businesses and non-profits.  New careers have formed from the need to be online – and social media is just part of an ever-evolving landscape of technology.

I feel privileged to have created a business which has enabled me to work closely with our community. Whether it is through supporting clients through our outsourced service, troubleshooting tech issues, consultancy, and of course, delivering training to many start-ups, SMEs and non-profits.

I have had the good fortune to be an employer, having some fabulous people working with me now and over the years.

Over the past 9 years, I do believe Ditzy Media has helped and added value to our local community through the work that we do.

This has always been at the heart of what I wanted for Ditzy Media – and the passion that I have for our community only grows over time.

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