Has organic reach on Facebook died?

Here are our tips to help you rise above the algorithms!

We are only a couple of months into 2021 but the number one frustration we are coming across so far this year is Facebook reach and engagement.

In recent months, our social media training and consultancy clients have been listing Facebook page reach and engagement as a big issue.

So, what happened? Has the Facebook Algorithm changed?  The short answer is yes it has!

Check out Hootsuite’s blog for all the detail of what changes took place early in January 2021.


So – what can you do to improve your reach and engagement in light of these changes?

 There are things you can do to optimise your posts to improve your reach and engagement – here are some of our top tips:

  1. Make sure you are creating personable, ‘social’ content and not just using your social media posts to ‘sell’.  The perfect content mix is said to be 80% non promotional content and 20% promotional.
  2. Avoid using links in your posts, – add links to the comment below and direct your customers to see the link there. Social Media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn downgrade content if there is a link in the main body of the post.
  3. Use stories to get you above the algorithm! Stories are not subject to the algorithm so will help you get a wider reach.
  4. Use animated social media posts, videos and Lives. Video and animated content is scored more highly and should help your reach and engagement.  For the brave – look at going ‘Live’ – creating in the moment broadcasts which nudge your network into viewing or catching up if they’ve missed you.
  5. Doing a presentation, talk, or workshop online? Don’t forget to make these Events! Events have a far wider reach than a standard post – and attract social actions from potential customers showing they are interested or going which sends notifications to their network – giving you a wider organic impact.
  6. Hashtags are still relatively new to Facebook – research what may be relevant to your content and your community and aim to use 3-5 at the bottom of your post to increase your chances of reaching a wider audience.
  7. Tagging – include other businesses or charities into your content by tagging them ( @ …) You can use this to shine a light on organisations, causes and other businesses in your community that you wish to support. Doing so will encourage those featured to engage back.
  8. Remember to tell your followers to switch notifications to ‘See first’ if they want to ensure they never miss your content. You will be high up in their newsfeed if they do this.
  9. Share your posts into relevant groups – but take care to ensure this is in keeping with the rules of the group you’re posting into – and don’t overdo it! Nobody likes to be spammed!
  10. And finally, remember to market your Facebook Page (and other social media channels) on your website, email footer, when networking and on other forms of marketing.


Take comfort that getting good reach and engagement can affect most Facebook Page owners – even if they have a large and healthy following.  Content is king in making sure your audience sees, values and engages with your page.

For more advice – reach out to us for an informal chat!

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