Instagram and Facebook Stories for business

Love them or hate them Facebook and Instagram stories are here to stay!

Whichever platform you prefer, Stories provide a valuable marketing tool to your business! This is mainly due to the prime viewing location at the top of newsfeeds, so people are more likely to see and engage with them.

Stories provide a way to share more visual based content with the addition of jazzy stickers, filters, gifs, and interactive features before posting. Each image/video lasts for 24 hours.

Facebook does give you the option to share a Story to your Page posts so you do not lose the content you’ve created.

Instagram will automatically archive images after they’ve been posted (once you’ve changed the setting). This allows you to then create story highlights, which appears on your profile under the bio.

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase products, services, and events on Instagram!

When people visit your profile, not only will they see your posts but also, they’ll be able to see what your company values most.

My top tips to stories:

  • Keep text to a minimum and make sure it’s readable over the image/video
  • Add appropriate stickers or gifs for a bit of fun
  • Have an interactive button like a poll or heart-eyed emoji slider
  • Try to post regularly

Happy story posting!

Blog author: Verity Webb

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