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 Are you keeping on top of your content?

Staying on top of your Content is important as it is a great way to reach out to your target market, and reflects how prospective customers may view your brand.  Our copywriting service can help you ensure you have a good stock of content for your business.

Importantly, regular high-quality content gets picked up by the search engines like Google and can help increase your website’s organic search ranking.

The higher your website ranks on a search engine means that it is more likely to be seen on the first page when people search for your brand or what you are selling.

One of the most popular forms of online content today is written content, particularly the short and easy to read format of blogs. Blogs are an excellent way of showcasing a service or product that you have on offer.

Putting aside the time to create content can be an issue.  For those that are not experienced in copywriting, it can be time-consuming, and content opportunities can often be missed because business owners simply lack the time to create it.

Whether your website is used as an information platform for your services or used to sell a variety of goods, the quality of your content is crucial in appealing to new customers.


Unique, affordable copywriting services to help your business shine online

Here at Ditzy Media, we offer an excellent copywriting service for those looking to uphold their brand online.

Even if you are gifted at writing your own content, time can often be of the essence, especially when you are the decision-maker running your own business.

Our experienced copywriters can write multiple pieces of high quality, unique, keyword optimised content on a regular basis for your business.

We can help you write Blogs, Case Studies, new content for your Website – even help you with your Business Award Submission.

This can be arranged on a flexible basis that best suits your budget.

Happy consequences of outsourcing your copywriting to an experienced writer can include an increase in web traffic and a boost in your online visibility.

Furthermore, outsourcing this role gives you, the business owner, back the invaluable gift of time that can then be used to develop your business further.

Whether your business needs regular, ongoing assistance with content, or even just assistance with a one-off copywriting project, Ditzy Media are here to help.

Contact us today on 01323 720 497 or alternatively send us an email through the ‘contact’ section of our website.





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