Making the best use of your time

Your time: Make it count in your use of social media

We hear a lot from business owners about the drain on time that social media can bring.

Fear not!  There are some simple techniques you can implement to manage the time you spend on social media – without reducing your impact!

Top top tip: Schedule time within your working calendar once or twice a week to work on your social media.

There are a number of tasks we all have to do to ensure our content is fresh and relevant.  Make sure you allow a few hours per week to enable you to do the following.

  1. Social listening. What stories and conversations have come up which relate to what you do?  Can this inform the content you will create?
  2. Content research. Looking at your main social media feeds where you may be drawing informative content from e.g. news sites, industry sites, activities from people you collaborate with.  What trends or awareness days apply this week?
  3. Creating or sourcing suitable visuals
  4. Writing or recording (if video!) your content
  5. Scheduling your content to go out at the key times that work for your audiences.

If you post on multiple platforms – using a social media management tool to schedule your content is a no brainer.  Some tools are free or low cost but can save you priceless time within your business.

Our fave is Zoho Social as it can post against Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and YouTube! 

Three further social media jobs – the icing on the above cake of work you have already created if you are doing the above – is to make a little bit of time daily to:

  • Engage with others
  • Grow your followers on the platforms that matter to you
  • Monitor messages and interactions on your platforms

Social Media is your online shop window.  Taking the time to make it fresh, interesting and above all, welcoming to your customers and community is time well spent!

If you need advice on how to manage your social media for your business – reach out to us for an informal chat.  We can offer training, and consultancy to support your business or non-profit to make the job of social media easier and less time consuming.

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