Organisations We Support

We are proud to have worked with and supported local charities and non-profit organisations over the years.

Here are the main organisations we continue to work with:


Action in Rural Sussex

We have worked with Action in Rural Sussex (AiRS) since the summer of 2020 – providing social media marketing, training and consultancy. AiRS do great work supporting rural communities across Sussex.

They said about our work:

“Our social media output was sporadic, but Mina has helped us put more structure into our posts on the different platforms.”

Learn more about their organisation here:


Canine Concern CIO

We provide social media marketing support to Canine Concern CIO – a charity improving the wellbeing of vulnerable adults, children and the wider community by providing care dog visits through their network of volunteers throughout England and Wales.

Canine Concern said about us:

“We were recommended Ditzy Media by the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce. At the time we were trying to run the charity and look after the volunteers, and unfortunately the social media side was being overlooked.  Mina and Verity have been very professional and understanding of our needs. Since they have been helping, the volunteers have enjoyed promoting themselves and the fantastic work they do and we have all benefitted from their research in dog and health awareness information, which has also been added to their posts. This has really helped in raising the profile and support for the charity. They have been amazing.”

Learn more about their organisation here:


Children With Cancer Fund Polegate

We have been delighted to work with Children With Cancer Fund Polegate for a number of years – providing training and support as required to help them make the most of social media for their organisation.

Children With Cancer Fund Polegate said about our work:

Ditzy Media have been a fantastic support to our charity, Mina has taught us how to use social media effectively and given us lots of media and marketing tips which have really helped to boost our profile. The time and effort Ditzy Media have dedicated to us through hosting media training and meeting with us as a team is brilliant, we are very grateful for the support.

Learn more about their organisation here:


Eastbourne Dementia Action Alliance

Ditzy Media is proud to be working with the Eastbourne Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA) – supporting them with their social media marketing since autumn 2020.  Working with EDAA has provided us with a real insight into issues relating to people living with dementia in Eastbourne and beyond.

The Eastbourne Dementia Action Alliance said about our work:

“The Eastbourne Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA) has developed a great partnership with Ditzy Media since contracting with them to manage our social media. The improvements made to our Facebook site and the addition of other channels has transformed our presence online.  Mina has been meticulous in ensuring our sites are regularly refreshed with relevant news and content.”

Learn more about their organisation here:


Embrace East Sussex

We have had a close working relationship with Embrace East Sussex for a number of years – providing training, consultancy and copywriting services as required by them. We are passionate about supporting SEND so are delighted to be able to help this great organisation.

Embrace East Sussex said about our work:

“Here at Embrace we really enjoy working with Mina at Ditzy Media – she understands the needs of the charity and has a real connection with what we do. Her skills are second to none and she has helped us resolve some sticking points with our social media. An excellent communicator, her training courses have given our staff inspiration to develop new and engaging content. Just wonderful, thank you.”

Learn more about their organisation here:


Eastbourne Youth Radio

For the last couple of years, we’ve sponsored and supported Eastbourne Education Business Partnership with their annual project Eastbourne Youth Radio.

Eastbourne Education Business Partnership said:

“Social media coverage needs to be professionally managed for maximum benefit. Mina and Verity at Ditzy Media have provided brilliant support to us at Eastbourne EBP for several years by helping to promote and run Eastbourne Youth Radio and The BIG Futures Show. Great to have them both on our team.”

Learn more about Eastbourne Youth Radio & The Big Futures Show here:


Holding Space

We have supported Holding Space through 1-2-1 and group training sessions. Recently, we have also helped them by working on one of their latest projects.

They said about our work:

“Working with Ditzy Media and her team has really helped us to grow and understand our audience on social media. Mina has always been so helpful and supportive in the work we do. It has been great to work collaboratively on a new project with the team and we look forward to working more closely with them in the future.”

Learn more about their organisation here:


People Matter Trust

We have worked with People Matter Trust over the last few years to promote their job services, job vacancy board and career events.

They said about our work:

“We’re delighted to work with Mina and her team. The design and content of their posts across our all of our social media platforms clearly presents our services and spreads the word -exactly what’s needed in business.”

Learn more about their organisation here:


Wayfinder Woman

We have provided social media support and training for Wayfinder Woman over a number of years – as well as having participated in their events and workshops for women locally.

Wayfinder Woman said about our work:

“Mina and her team have always been incredibly patient and understanding when helping our volunteers navigate their way around social media – even the technophobes amongst us!  They’ve been hugely supportive of us over the years and Mina’s insights into what makes a good social media presence has been invaluable too in helping us raise awareness of our work helping women succeed.” 

Learn more about their organisation here:



We have been working with Wyntercon since their first event in 2014 – supporting them with content, advice and marketing campaigns on a variety of platforms – as well as covering the event live on Social Media.

Wyntercon said about our work:

“We are a successful dynamic, zestful and award-winning charity with a clear understanding of where we want to be. The reason we work, and still continue to work with Ditzy Media, is because they are also established, award winning, zestful and dynamic plus extremely knowledgeable in their field. Over the last seven years they have been our guide though the minefield that is social media, empowering and strengthening our charity’s online presence.”

Learn more about their award winning event here:


You Raise Me Up

We have been delighted to work with You Raise Me Up – providing advice through training and troubleshooting as required to help them make the most of social media for their organisation.

You Raise Me Up said about our work:

Mina and her team are very knowledgeable and have helped with our social media with great on line one-to-one training as well as courses. They are patient and helpful. We have seen a good increase in engagement on our platforms thanks to their advice and support.”

Learn more about their organisation here:

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