Top tips to help you plan your Social Media in 2020

A New Year brings new opportunities – and we want to help ensure you have a strong start to 2020 on your Social Media so here are our top tips.

Review your 2019

So, what worked well in 2019?  How does this compare to others like you?  This will help inform what your overall marketing objectives and specifically your social media objectives should be for the coming year.

If you are starting up – this is a perfect time to research your sector and if relevant, your community and of course your competitors.

This can help you identify what makes you unique, what good looks like and also what mistakes to avoid.

A planned approach

The hard part can be getting started.  A plan can help greatly to ensure your marketing is defined and supports your business objectives.  You can then adopt this into your social media content.

Try to plan at least the first 3 months with key aspects of your business

  • Marketing messages: Sales / Products
  • Awareness Days & Events
  • Your ‘Social’ content
  • Frequency of content – how often are you going to post


Know where your customers are active

There’s no point posting to the wrong network if your customer is not there.

Equally, it’s important not to make assumptions about what type of person uses which platform e.g. Instagram or Facebook may not work for B2Bs – that would be wrong if you are working with SMEs’; or only young people use Instagram.  That is definitely not the case.

Take time to see if businesses like yours are active on each of the networks and what their following and engagement looks like.  This will help indicate the value of you using it.


Keep up with trends and technical changes

This can be hard enough if your Social Media IS your business – let alone if it’s not!

Try to keep your ear to the ground on a regular basis to see what changes may be coming on the platforms you are active on.  Technical changes happen all the time and can affect the way the platforms behave (glitches) or can lead to a complete platform update like we are seeing with Facebook and LinkedIn.

Trends in what works regarding creating engaging content for your customers is equally important.  If you write a blog will someone read it – or are you better considering a Facebook Live Q & A Session?

Having a plan, using your resources efficiently and being aware of changes will all help ensure your visibility and keep you hopefully ahead of your competition.

If you need advice, training, consultancy or for someone to take your Social Media off your hands – get in touch!

Wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy 2020!

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