Business of the Year 2019: Thank you!

We are delighted to share the final results announced for the 2019 Business of The Year competition on The Best Of. Ditzy Media got the top spot once again as Best-Loved PR & Media Agency in [...]

The Best of – Business of the Year 2018 is here!

  The Business of the Year 2018 leaderboard is live and we need your vote! For the past 3 years, we have been lucky enough to have been awarded Business of the Year – PR & Media on [...]

January Blogpost from Ditzy Media

2015 – The Year of Awesome   Happy New Year everyone! By all accounts it is set to be a busy and exciting year. My month begins with the news that I have qualified for ‘Local [...]

So what’s new for Ditzy Media?

A lot can happen in a month! September has whizzed past so before I forget, I thought I would post some of my highlights. The month began with the Relaunch of the #EBTweetup, which included the [...]