Why as a Sussex Business you need to consider Pokémon Go for Marketing

How can Pokémon Go benefit your business?

Pokémon Go launched last week, and in a short time has overtaken Twitter and Facebook for the number of active users engaged.

Augmented Reality is causing people of all ages to go out and hunt Pokémon.

So why would this be good for your business?

Hilton Fountain, Eastbourne

Pokestop situated at the Strand Hotel Hilton, Royal Parade, Eastbourne

The benefits for businesses and retailers

Businesses in the US have been quick to embrace the marketing advantages of being placed in Pokémon and are using the game to draw customers to them with great results.

It has been reported that a New York Pizza Parlour saw a 75% increase in customers as a result of unknowingly being a Pokémon stop, and another Pizza Parlour used the game to tempt Pokémon hunters to them by offering a free slice of Pizza to those on a certain level within the game – once the hunters are in the shop there is the obvious up selling of additional items.

In Eastbourne a taxi service has already created a service solely for the purposes of Pokémon hunting.  The driver has already achieved a high level within the game, and is able to benefit Pokémon hunters by taking them on a local searches.

Over the weekend Eastbourne Pier and a well known ice cream Parlour were hot spots for Pokémon Go.  Pictures are already circulating on Social Media showing crowds of people gathering to play the game at these locations and it looked like good news for the businesses situated there.  The combination of great weather and Pokémon hunters may well have been contributing factors to the long queue of customers.

If your business is a pre-determined Pokémon stop or is close to the sites of Pokémon you could potentially benefit from a steady stream of new visitors.

To unlock this new potential to make the most of this opportunity for your business or if you just want advice on reaping the benefits for Pokemon Go – Contact DitzyMedia.

As a Social Media marketing consultancy we are there to help your business make the most of digital marketing opportunities and help grow your Social Media presence.


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