Why Content should be one of your top Social Media priorities in 2017

Content Marketing for Social Media

What is Content & why does it matter?

The term ‘content’ is a real buzz word in digital marketing today but what does it really mean?

Content in this context refers to written, visual and audio digital information that we publish on our websites and social media platforms as a means of communicating with our customers.

Content gives us various opportunities to communicate, engage and build relationships with potential customers, suppliers and partners and our wider community.


Types of Content for businesses

If you are struggling with what content to produce for your business then here is a list to get you thinking about what you can plan for 2017:

  • Blogs: informative articles which give you the chance to showcase your knowledge or talk about industry specific matters
  • Press Releases: Topical stories, ideally involving people, which draw attention to key events or milestones in your business
  • Video posts / Blogs: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as You Tube all give you the ability to publish video content, which is the most engaging way of communicating with your customers.
  • Cross promotional posts – curating content from your key partners & suppliers to cross promote them in the context of your business relationship
  • Content from your community – what’s going on around you & how can you use it?
  • Charities or causes your business is passionate about – great opportunities to give support via social media.


Planning Your Content is Crucial

Creating a content plan or calendar can save you time.  Thinking about the above list, taking time to consider what is happening in your business or around you in the next 3 – 6 – 12 months can really help your content creation.

If you work with a team, having a plan or calendar gives a strong framework for everyone to work to – ensuring you make the most of all social media & digital marketing opportunities.


Scheduling to Optimise Your Content

Creating a content schedule also allows for you to optimise the amount of people seeing the content that you publish.

You can plan in advance and determine who in your team publishes what, when they publish it, and how often.

There are tools out there to help you!

Managing your social media can initially seem daunting.  Content scheduling tools such as Buffer.com, Hootsuite and others can help you manage the work flow.

Downloading apps to your devices such as Pages for Facebook can help you monitor and manage the engagement from your customers.


The time to think about your Content Marketing for 2017 is now

If you want advice or training on Content Marketing just get in touch.

My next workshop is being held with Business East Sussex on 23rd January 2017.  For more information see: http://www.businesseastsussex.org.uk/event/business-east-sussex-social-media-workshop-3/


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